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52. Rost, F. : Die funktionelle Bedeutung der Gallenblase (Experimeiitelle und

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tively. The first symptoms may be merely giddiness, and a feeling of languor,

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ferred in this paper. The number of analyses of human blood is not large,

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No. 201. — i. The " Journal of Laryngology and Hhinology," pub-

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nutrition and gain in weight were noticeable from the first.

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patellar reflex exaggerated on the right side, and urine contained an ex.

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with its consequent lack of business instinct and saving prudence,

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distance of seven yards it continued to affect the patient !

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is true of complications such as cerebral hemorrhage, pneumonia, or

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Synopsis. — (Vol. 1897, p. 168.) Slight cases, Carron Oil or Bismuth

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