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In a second case, a man of 36, had had symptoms related to
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Iceland by Learcd, Iljaltliu, and Finsen. It would appear
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drug and food idiosyncrasies, urticaria, local (circumscribed) edema, hyperidrosis,
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plains of feeling very weak and faint; irritability of
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After death no communication was found between the bile
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The countenance denotes gravity of disease ; the expression is haggard
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larynx cannot be heard with distinctness, and those
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mere jabber of meaningless sounds, and writing to a mere scrawl in
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ceptibly increased in circumference, and the fontanelle became
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some convergent strabismus." Patient reads the notes and Immediately wishes them ex-
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acute atrophy of liver, and the acute degeneration of the kidney which
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dition of the joints, while stricture of the tissue between the joints,
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ever, there is an unusual degree of backward deflection,
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sanity, in some of its phases, readily fades into criminality,
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C'aflTe (P. L.-B.) Necrologie. J. d. conn, nieil. prat.,
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age with much more frequency than does the individual