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very little is expected in the way of recovery in all such cases.
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When the effusion is very large, internal remedies fail, and
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coughed and choked, and the doctor, getting a view of the
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year is thus given over largely to bacteriology, pathology, pharmacology, phys-
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impossible; and it is a well-known fact that sensation
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l>icttirc> of ataxic at ropliy. Cliarcot |MiiiitK init tlio fact, that
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should consequently require a longer, rather than a shorter
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are unwise in skipping the older men who have been in the service longer
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moved. On the contrary, should the mind become afl^ected,
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have reached a more advanced stage and contain fluid, while others
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sensitive to the touch ; the conjunctiva slightly injected. I
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that may profit even general pathology. The technique is some-
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sociated with a more or less considerable increase of the pulse-rate,
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Europe. Obtained both by spontaneous exudation and incisions.
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in other cases, the lymph is abundant with but little liquid, and, again, in
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ment (class A), we find more girls with low nutrition and mental dul-
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patient had repeat fetal blood sampling by PUBS. Percuta-
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react to the development of the sexual impulse, with all its
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disease (see article on rheumatism). The absorption
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who contracted malarial fever in the summer of 1896. On the 12th of
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Some weeks after this a fresh fluctuation appeared, between the 7th
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The following recipe will also be found useful for the
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Transactions of the Medical Society of the County of Kings.
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more and more conical as it descends, until it is finally
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the advisability of an operation. It seems to me that it is a case for