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say we have met with very few. Of the former, we Avoukl instance
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large proportion of these cases of immediate reaction after a primary
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these sutures are tightened easily, the stomach and colon
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developed irrespective of these causes. Examples of the disease arr wa-
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pieces of old iron to boil the water in the scalding-hogshead,
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atrophy, reflecting lower motor neuron disease, indicates
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mon duct often underlies ascending infection. Inflam-
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his back; and of the area of the hypersesthesia point, the highest
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be as serious as it is. The speaker referred to ceriaiu
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seldom. The laryngoscopic picture differs from that of
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intermuscular incision is made over the caput coli. Repro-
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other trifling injuries of this nature in the extremities, or mecha-
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pointed Dr. Southey one of his referees in those cases
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enlarged prostate would meet with general approval.
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" I think it is impossible to mistake the nature of the symp-
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In paroxysmal tachycardia, if reflex cause of irritation exists and can IKJ
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cially the use of the triangular bandage and of unusual
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tragalus ; it is simply a variety of the weak and disabled
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subjects of acute rheumatism; secondly, the occurrence of &
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lescence. Eecent experimental evidence and clinical experience plainly
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pay a cent. ’ ’ I personally think it is a miracle that only 6 1 % of
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limb is frequently three or four inches longer than
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such cases, what becomes of it? Here," he adds, "was a case of undouifed
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tion. Neurasthenic naming of a sthenic condition does not
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understand, and constantly bear in mind, the distinction be-
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untU an effect is produced on tho bowels, kidneys, or gums.
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work. It consists of several short chapters on such subjects as