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Another. — Inspector- General Lawson read a paper

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may be merely distension of the retinal veins ; in the later stages most

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Editorials are signed by the authors. These opinions are the authors' and

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reported that they would not have rates available before mid-August. In the meantime, AHS

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an acidosis in a healthy subject (A. R. Short [6], Muskens [4], and

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Soranus) viable and practical. The therapeutics of this distinguished surgeon often consisted in

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Case II. — In this case there had been a gun-shot wound with

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duty it is to attend them in their visits round the wards.

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provided for." About middle life or a little later, the

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teachers of medicine and surgery. In 1793-4 our hero attended lectures at

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Alcoholic Applications in Typhoid Fever re jj e f Hemorrhage seems to be caused

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