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10, 1897. The rules must be materially modified, certain ones

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tation which occurs when milk turns sour ; but there are many

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offered for the entrance of suoh as the robbed and weakened are

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The very practical paper by Dr. R. R. Bell, on ''Acute Indiges-

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all these other eases the decision as to whether internal measures should

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President Salmon, of Washington, and State Veterinarian Clem-

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anaemia, although the toxic nature of the substance has not in all

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In r^ard to the discovery of the circulation of the blood, ^^ the

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Grovemor had signed the jury bill and it is now a law. This report brought

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tives are of the same race as the Maori of New Zealand

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Medical Association of New York County as well as to every veterinarian

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such enlargements are developing. The roentgenologist has been able

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army at Pekin was superior to that of any other nation.

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This institution inaugurated its first course of lectures in 1862.

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to the latter that its entire withdrawal would mean the danger of

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gradually lost the dark color, and the cows then became in every

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patient breathes deeply and rather rapidly during the whole procedure,

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integrated, thereby causing the dark blood and the tissues and

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ness calls for practically no treatment. Aspirin and sweating may

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applauded to the echo and referred to by younger speakers, upon the

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condition of the medullary portion of the bones was more marked

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incision was made directly over the stone, and it was readily re-

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of the disease and the frequent occurrence of chronic and

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Treatment used is tincture of iodine locally with excel-

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sideraiion : As professional and honorable men, we should in sim-

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Besides tubercular infection from milk, there are other dangers

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orders," is pregnant with helpful suggestions for patients with constipation, due

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fractures had united with considerable deformity, but in the middle

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normal conditions of the gastric contents, it has an antifermentative

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advantage lies in the fact that, in order to keep the ice-bag where it

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Odebolt; Mrs. G. A. Johnson, Sioux City; Mrs. P. O Koto,

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given to an individual by the presence of a like condition in one

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Diaphoresis. — The author believes in inducing diaphoresis at the onset

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symptoms. An autopsy of the buck showed a sero-purulent infil-

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some sections seem to be more favorable to the propagation of the

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medical authorities state it to be of no more value than a solution