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Blood Transfusion. I have observed 2 cases of collai)se at the

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but the author's experience goes to nullify this view.

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diseases where the pulse responds with the temperature. I would

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With an entire change in the mode of living, the varicose ulcers may

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3. Case 513. A locoed colt stunted in its growth by Iiko poisoning 44

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any more important as regards the health of the country. Dirty

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time, weight had fallen to 11 1 pounds ; treatment began

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from some chronic ailment, has already been subjected to various modes of

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practice of the Peculiar People, sent for one of the elders, named Hurry,

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clusion is, that celiotomy is the treatment par excellence

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Esmarch, of Kiel ; On the Lister System of the Treatment of Wounds in the

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first, said to be very extraordinary, but in a few months

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he attributed to a fall from a tree. About a year before admission he was

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in the abdomen and elsewhere, of patients who have died of puerperal fever,

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tissue growth. Carcinoma usually causes compression, either at the glands,

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The only procedures meriting the description of "humanising" are those

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toward recovery, being practically well, though still able to dis-

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secretion, and growth, whether they be supplied with nervous force, or de-

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Dr. John A. Wyeth, of New York, has be- i so lution of carbolic acid, 1 to 20, or of 10

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time is not far distant when it will be eradicated. Knowing as we do

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in the formation of bone ( see Bone Diseases) , and this would

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willingly add, on the score of humanity in calling attention to

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cases in which, during an advanced period of the asystolie,