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cold and in part to the ether acting as an independent nar- i
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declined to be drawn off by the blandishments of those who
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generation of nerve-fibers at the site of the lesion.
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xxvi, 573 -578. — Rush (J. D.) Salol in typhoid fever.
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is wanting somewhat greater. Of 86 cases, not included in Annuske's
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substance with a sweet, astringent taste. A few crystals impart to a
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that there were plenty of persons who asserted they
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advanced stage, and examine this under the microscope, we find that the nor-
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Qastro-enterostomy for bilocular stomach is also an excellent
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have laid down their lives with no thought save that of duty and humanity,
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cine containing arsenic in large doses, administered by her
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was increased ; in some it was violent ; in many considerably
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in labor are rupture of the uterus, laceration of the
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ber of applicants licensed by examination since 1884, when thirty-
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charcoal in one-ounce doses, five or six times a day, and it has invariably checked
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It is natural that the author of a text-book that has proved
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shall attend to what is going on at lectures. Tlie lecturer
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to tte lips and teeth, and the prostration is great* The skin
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Dr, H. E. Spalding: The evening is pretty far spent, so I
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of suppressing haemorrhage, including acupressure and torsion.
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arm by means of a pointed and bent glass cannula or the sharp metal cannula men-
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the character of the affection, its situation, extent, etc., constitute a very
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mechanism of this sort that it was possible to obtain
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shows fine punctiform petechiae and erosions. These are con-
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seeds of paradise, together with a suspension of the article, will
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carditis, for neither one nor the other has an}- thing to do with
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in the case of the gentleman already mentioned, who used newspaper to
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the elephant is 38 feet in length, the colon and rectum
and there was question as to whether extreme unction should
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highest order is, I know, the earnest desire of every member
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as readily, if not more so, in an old rabbit as it is in a young one.
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Full of professional honours and well-stricken in years,
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consciences dictated. But the fact could not be repeated
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influences at work, in the digestive functions, in the assimilative func-
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