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the termination of the cases in the bacteria-free stage, I shall show

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such periods of repetition as shall keep the bowels gently moved, and

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looking at the unusual sights of the theatre and the prepara-

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of strychnin are reduced and stopped. At the beginning of the week the cin-

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rih-. generally those of the left side, and shooting up to the shoulder, and

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conditions imposing natural immunity for the most part reside in the

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difficult urination, and flushing or dryness of the skin may occur or!

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456-460. — Campbell (.f. A.) The rod-test. J. Ophth.,

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began to regain conti'ol of his arms. A progressive change for the better was inaugu-

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age). Th., 9:00-11:00. 24 hours. Each quarter. Limited to 5 students. .2Mj. Ray-

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Alabama. Pool/minutes from three golf courses/all furnishings I

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tory power toward the Wassermann reaction. The minimal amount

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very amusing to a dinner company. Hull's Hussar cut upahve

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Urine so affected may have an olive-green hue when voided ; it becomes

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1879, xiii, 262-270. 4«so, Reprint. — itlichl (F.) 0 v.yk-

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the pouch of Douglas, and adherent to neighbouring intestine and

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the diameter being 0*1 inch; the diameter of the thoracic aorta

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gested, but not proved, that lack of vagus inhibition owing to pressure

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a rapid pulse and stormy action of the heart. At the

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temperature of the body. Enormous importance attaches to

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Another popular work is that on " Diseases of Children," by

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burg, who, while pregnant, was burnt to death at a ball given on the occasion

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some weeks, with malaise, wasting, epistaxis, nervousness, slight fever,

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England, although he believed there were some local- j