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liberal assistance ; ever happy to forward the pro-
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of respoiidinji' hy increased tonicity, so that they liecome overdistelidcl
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again being quickly reduced to the smallest conceivable point at
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careful iodine treatment, but it should always be remembered in this disease
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the injected vessels were only those scattered over
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slips doxMi. lias its velocity yicaliv increased if its uiulei' surface he
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was rapid, and in two years he showed well-marked hypertrophic changes
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of lliiid rrom the tissues to tlie jiloiMJ. This .liisti-.-iction causes a dr.vin
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of his nose, or better, an object on the level of his eyes and near them, one
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allowed for; interest is at 3} per cent. The + sign signifies gain.
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vides for an arbitrary annual payment per thousand of insurance, the pay-
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In the treatment of inflammations of the kidney and its pelvis it is essen-
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cially if the stone is composed of phosphates, oxalates, or carbonates. In
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In one of the cases with this syndrome, the patient complained of a frequent
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"" ""'■" '•" ■■''^" •' 'li-'niiiiii.it- ulil,/„ti f u|,,.,i 1,;,, t „s..,| l,v ti„
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lliii'in'i> .Is K ii'iiiisiaiit , \M' sliall liiiil tll.'lt till' sp I 111' till' ri'ai'tiiin is
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insanity, gout, rheumatism, epilepsy, consumption, cancer, apoplexy, or other
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"■ i-''.""i i-1 1. I'llt t,>,l„s,,v,r.v ,|ui,.kly fi-niii tiss,i..ss,i,.ji asnius,'!.
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Itat occur when the "second wind" is aciinii'cd during' strenuous miis-
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the appearance of the osteo-arthropathy, the time of its appearance, its
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epilepsy, and psychoses, in the present state of our knowledge of the sub-
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,1,.. ,„...s„ii.' uilli uliii'l, it ll.iu^ "ill I I"^'l •" ""• -lilV."""".' i" <•"•'
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suppurative nephritis, an inflammation of the kidney substance, usually
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Reirardinj.' the i)resence of roroimrn viisumolnr lurvt.i, tliere is at i)res
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a single instance of a patient labouring under Cal-
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the mitral murmur disappears or grows fainter, if the aortic closure takes on
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edge of renal tuberculosis: The stimulus to surgical thought given by
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joints," "callus masses," and other lesions which are explained as "healed
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two years. As a rule, tne course is very chronic. Lewin and Heller found
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course of the chief nerves was painful to the touch, and the skin was every-
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as monarticular, the more often it will be found that there were previous