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purpose in each quarter of the town. The notification was

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the large circulation of the Jiicrnal of the Association, valu-

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the only effect which it produces is to relieve, each time, the symptom

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Special mention is made by different author^ in Germany, such as

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whole chest becomes altered in shape, so as to contrast, in every way,

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carbohydrate is insufficient; 2. The supply of carboh\-clrate is

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case of fees to witnesses, so with reference to the fees for

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port" had been given, but he approved that in the recent

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tions of the chancre undergo fatty degeneration, and finally the sore

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day, Graefe's operation with iridectomy being reserved for

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aneurysm, is not imusual in cases of neurasthenia and hysteria or some-

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those whose presence is exceptional. I have shown, how-

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ing, except that such changes are so much more pronounced after

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catechising of Dr. Priestley, taken along with his other pro-

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consequences which might be expected to result from the

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the afternoon of March 14th was lying close to the gas ap-

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furlough, is appointed Civil Surgeon of Meiktila, Barmah. *-

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of the Scotsman at his country house, Archerfield, East

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all these seven years, though he could not read nor write a word, he

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