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Hospitals and trained nurses were available only in the large cities,

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to the contrary in the protest of the local society, we

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the habits and therapeutics of the Egyptians, and to the

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simplest and most familiar object presented to his notice. The

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to shield the patient from all influences calculated to

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York, for all fractures of the thigh, and is, I think,

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from observations on animals. 1 his, of course, was

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until the autumnal months, when the amount corresponds very much with

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general oractitioner, is sure to be severely tested when

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of primary importance, and to this end the room or ward should

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the clinical history of the affection, it becomes evi-

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that are not yet known to be curable, they are written, not

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covering. Most of those who died did so in the first week, and

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number of cases he had only one death in his practice.

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suddenly after a fit, which may be called by the patient a " fainting fit," or

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early period at which the Council has been summoned, it is probable that the

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pressor. To empty the bladder completely, and also prevent the new

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non-generic prescriptions be filled with the precise prod-

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people have markedly excessive ingesta, and the minority show this

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seems a little hard to be severe on such an ebullition of

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part of their vascular system weaker than the rest,

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the left foot was thought to have a lumbar disc herniation. CT

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Dr. J. A. Andrews, of New York, said that mere con-

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inthe higher education of the pcojile. I enclose my card.


considered means might be commenced to obviate the deformity without any

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spirit of the charter. . By a most stupid and unfair

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the formation of a puke such as that shown in Figs. 1 or 2, we prevent

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a simple infarct but a metastatic abscess. "When the general condition

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cease to hold its place among the attractive designations applied

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treatment. This patient showed well the fact that the fractur-

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ployed in England ; but it is quarantine of the indi-

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be included under autolysis) and the experimental fact that autolysis

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create in the minds of all disinterested persons the

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