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Injury of the Brain; with Report of Cases ; discussion opened by Dr Frank
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The large majority of first attacks of mania a potu are curable.
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ticularly in cases of calcified costal cartilages, it may so
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in the dose of 50 to 75 centigrammes a day with results only slightly marked,
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cumbulbar region — probably syphilitic pachymeningitis. — Ibid.
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Chase, is so well known to the sporting world in general, as to
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Dose: Bix globules, in a teaspoonful of water, morning and evening*
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quired a well-marked initial lesion of syphilis on the
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actual syncope occurs, the patients should be tola to discontinue the drug until they have consulted with the prescribing
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that it did not occur, at all events, in an epidemic form, until vessels