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Some claim to control convulsions best by bleeding. This
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is afforded by experience. It is true that false experience has abounded in
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foot to the crest of the ilium. The skin was cold, tense
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being apparently in a late stage of sub-acute nephritis.
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(a) Concerning the Changes in Medical Practice, — In this
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dren will require small quantities of brandy or whisky ( preferably
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tations of the veins in the left half of the face and head, espe-
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Respiratory Failure And Aspects Of Treatment,” Vol. 46, No. 8 ,
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changed . The urine normal. The pains disappeared after six cuppings over the precordia,
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but regular daily movements were not obtained. Constipation,
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upon strong medicinal injections. After pursuing this course for two
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rate, the presence of the so-called ague plant in the urine is a diagnostic
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medicine with a view to giving tone to the patient who shows indica-
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text-book list of nearly all the American medical schools ;
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follows: '*The most striking points in sections of the
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