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Many remote causes have been pointed out, such as anaemia, chlorosis,
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declared Mrs. Glasse a foolish body for writing "First catch
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gether with a footed rod and at once covered with wash-
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The disease occurs chiefly among young persons ; in a series of
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therefore especially dangerous in these cases. An attack of mania rarely
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Keloid," Vierteljahrsschr. fur Derm. Wien, 1880. — 26. Simon, J. Report in Clin. Soc.
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of a growth of composed connective tissue, cysts, and fat (naevoid lipoma).
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of the mind to parallel diseases of the body. We may safely
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she has nothing whatever to do with it. So in our present
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capable of planning so monstrous an outbreak of fanatical
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to impressions on one sense than they do to those on another ; and in the
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be made to the earlier investigations of Unna, who, while attempting to
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be correctly employed, while in the other (by far the more frequent)
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in size, acquire a capsule (PI. figs. 6-22), and, ultimately, project like warts
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it affected himself alone, was a simple vice, into something more and
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blood, the size of a pinhead, on each side of one of the
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aureus and the Streptococcus pyogenes. Probably yet other organisms,
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decoctions, fill pots, no less than those in princes' courts, in
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793. Edinburgh, 1896.— 31. Vidal. Leprogres medical, 1878, p. 478.-32. Virohow.
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note that, about forty-five years ago, Dr. Keen employed hypnotism
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delusions he attacks and kills her. The jury, upon the direction of
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the facts of the taking, as set forth under these headings, in their true
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(1) Diluting pipette. This often has a red bead in the bulb
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the progress of the disease, it is still possible for the family medical
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and metacarpus are (in what is known as the " Stuttgart method ") main-
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general in eczema that it was formerly regarded as a constant feature of