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told that, when occurring on the fingers, lips, or tongue, it

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The h)wer the tube, the farther the spark gaps must be separated; so

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makes the examination. He is taught to use his senses

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Grulee says that 45 calories per pound will prove to be the maximal

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the most important question of all is this — "Can we not

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one of those instances described by Erlanger and Blackman^ of "rela-

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more highly than his life — this gentleman, at the end of his

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[Gr. KoOda belly -}■ «V«« blood.] Plethora of the

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Table 3: Relative risk of adverse health effects for individuals in medium and high arsenic exposure categories

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(3) The personal health and textnre of a particular skin,

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(See chapter on Hkrbs for description and directions) , unless the

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effecting a policy of insurance ; but I think it probable that in proportion to

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of extension and counter-extension, he had not found

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Properties. — Emetic, expectorant and diapnoretic. The

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met with. There are cells corresponding, after staining with

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orecipitate. There was considerable pain in the abdomen, increased by

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object to the drug on account of the minor discomforts. Furthermore,

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gard to pathologic influence of the ear on the eye, we may

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had been employing ether in preference to freezing mixtures.

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J., Lond., 1892-3, i, 270. . Case of xanthelasma. Med.

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Now, what is the definition of a quartan ague. According to. Cullen,

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logically from true fixed tissue elements, and considering the clasmatocyte a

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in cases of increased tension. Hot fomentations are

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digestibility. Recent investigations have shown that milk

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