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Though, strictly speaking, pharmacological, they, in real-
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the work De Contagione, etc., the title page of which is
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too aggressive a form the application of cold to inhibit germ growth and
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and an essential epilepsy is often difficult, and it is
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deposed that on the llih of July the prisoner J of caraway, 98 drops; of oil of pepper-
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the skin, in thirty patients of St Bartholomew's Hospital. In some cases
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ligature had torn or ulcerated out, leaving the ends of the bone
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5 inches long, is made from the middle of the trochanter, upwards
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belated arrivals was the genial Remondino, from San Diego, who
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a few works each time ; we, therefore, purpose devoting a few pages in each
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defined to be a notable disorder affecting more or less of the constituent
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of bile. He reported 23 cases of operations on dogs to de-
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Pathology Committee, which did not consider the growth was carcino-
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perforations into trachea, ulceration of intestines, peritonitis, amy-
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likewise found very rarely. Moscato records one case in which
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shortly then.'al'ter he was (piite unconscious, with little muscuhu-
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Queencomplainedof an indisposition, which j may be immediate or mediate, according to
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"WTien the number of bacteria per e.e. exceeds the local legal limit
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the globulins in serum are separated into two forms, one insoluble in
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Many hold the opinion that calomel is of no use in cholera. The
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to suspect hysterical imposture ; cold water was freely
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lively pleasure. Women oftea exclaim, after deliverance, they
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produce insanity of various forms and degrees. Similarly uraemia and
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cheese, which had been blackened by the sulphuretted hydrogen, it re-
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taking care not to alter its external aspect by unnecessary handling,
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cavities of the body were cabinets of mystery contain-
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axis 45**, is just half-way between these two groups, and we
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incision, the resulting inflammation and the seton, was very remarkable.