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strap. As to Dr. Phelps' denunciation of apparatus,
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London, Harwich, Antwerp, Brussels, Cologne, Hanover,
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the nomination of Dr. See, one of the newly appointed Pro-
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My surgical colleague, Mr. William Taylor, has lately
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there were only 3 maxillary cases ; the tongue being almost ex-
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cussion note gave the impression of some impairment when compared
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becoming general. The muscles waste and no longer respond to faradism.
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Wellman (1907). Journal of Tropical Medicine, vol. x., p. 185.
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mechanically inclined and was always kept busy doing
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which is made to perforate the drainage-tube close to
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simplest and most familiar object presented to his notice. The
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three grades of laryngeal crises. He has a paralysis of the.
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us sufficiently the impotence of bloodletting in these
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tably have increased, and manifested itself clearly durnig the
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printed pages, and lias adduced many original observiitions for thu
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where). But mere ficcal accumulations are insufficient, even
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pendence requires such abilities as climbing stairs, trans-
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condition at least once a year in the dissectingf-room. Attention
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helpless, but also encourage dishonesty. . . . The free
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From the earliest notice of the disease, down to the present
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worker in broadcloth. He suffered greatly from itclT-
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none but catarrhal symptoms, yet, if the attack have commenced with
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the brain cavity should be opened in cases of bullet wounds
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{N. Y. Med. Jour., Vol. LXVII, page 109.) He also read a paper
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Dr. Kyle has written a book that has been accepted by the
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Suppurative Peritonitis. — Wallace (Indian Medical Record) records
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Meynerfi ^^ frequently revived in our brain by the most