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one millimetre thick. The lens was represented by a tough white

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per cent., while in England and Wales it was 061. In the year

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when isolated or viewed alone, but associated with flattened stales, vary-

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Monogram on "Placenta Praevia," with a resume* of the various

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Lecturer in Medicine and Clinical Medicine in Toronto University.

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can be readily explained. But it really is quite amusing to note

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to provide special hospitals for lepers. The word "leprosy"

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tion by fomites, which are capable of a totally different interpre-

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sign of personal injury. In spite of this evidence the coroner directed the

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to the ovule while in the ovary ? Moreover, how shall we reconcile those

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fever. I have seen two such cases elsewhere reported.

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modifications in England, in the hands of Mr. Crit-

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ipecacuanha emetics, saline purgatives, and repeated doses of

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specious pretensions, they appeal to a fund of well-worn

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fitting together by a movable pivot, and with a binding-

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tired would not, of course, be complained of in the morning.

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some cases the disease disappears spontaneously, more especially

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in 'an tipright po^on, iidt by herself out l:(y as.iiistance. See 'to It your-

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— pheasants, peafowl, grouse, and ostriches — tubercle is

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fibroid tumor of uterus as large as a cocoanut was found on the right

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vaccine. In most cases good results were obtained, and in

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caused the distension, in view of the fact that salts acted so perfectly.

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acuta tilieo-malarico. Raccoglitore med., Forli, 1891, 5. s.,

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proportion of such blood — a supposition which harmonizes

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seen patients become submissive shortly after separation

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tissues at absorption or encapsulation of the gelatinous effusion.