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foreign substance or morbid accumulation, plugs it up.

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lower extremities ; the face is also usually paler. The

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saw that the child had stopped breathing, the jaw had dropped, and she

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for his writings on the anatomy and diseases of the eye ;

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Bauer and Engel: Tiiberkuloseimmunitiit und speziflsche Therapie, Beitr. z.

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Ithaca, NY, B.S. 1973. Medical education, University of

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S^chi^ t^® blood has been shown to be a diminution,

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smoke through her nose, and she had never taken snuff.

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recently. She said that, at the menstrual epoch following the

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method, namely, the harmful action of the serum in which the

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the patient coughed blood was expectorated. Both tonsils were

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blood. The importance of this condition was first emphasized by Chiari

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Officers serving in tJie Medical Department, United