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If this book had been called "Practical Medicine" or a "Practice of

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begun and persisted in even after apparent recovery. After the birth

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rising ; finally, it vanishes in response to the action of the salicylates.

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the normal proportion of albuminous material in the blood.

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lesterin is the poisonous product). The true nature of the toxic agent

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seat and extent of the inflammation. Those cases in which symptoms

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become prolonged and exhausting, we may increase the coagulability

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murmur. Intercostal neuralgia may present features not unlike those

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and dyspnea, are to be eliminated by the alteration of the voice and the

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lung and a barrelling of the chest on one or both sides. The pain may be

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the condition. Vaso-motor and trophic symptoms appear, and in some

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inflammation without a doubt, subsequent to a former appendi-

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New England and Ontario, Canada, where the habitual use of limestone-

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be floating in the urine. Until quite recently we have been in-

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may be single or they may occur in groups frequently repeated, or recur

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after an epileptic paroxysm, in tetanus, injuries to the head, apoplexy,

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physical prostration may also be marked, and especially when secondary

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adenitis is most common in the young, is unilateral rather than circumfer-

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nating in abscesses (circumscribed myocarditis). The first two of these

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nary bronchitis may lead to similar results, and even to speedy death.

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phor, chloral, or other antispasmodics used internally. Free stimulation

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The disease is common among the professional classes, and it affects

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ceration of the bowel from flexions and adhesions not rarely follows upon*

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progress of the disease, and it is enlarged, principally owing to hyper-

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near the root of the lung, distention is usually more marked than else-

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Ulcerative processes in the bowels may give rise to severe dysenteric

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the murmur is not seldom Avidely transmitted. This murmur sometimes

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pupillary reflexes and nystagmus. In addition to these a peculiar symp-

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tumor, foreign bodies, concretions, blood, bile, pigment, fat, pus, mucus,

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the nerves is normal, and faradic excitation of the muscles pi'oduces a

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(d) Humanized vaccine virus may rarely transmit the disease.

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Dr. Clara D. Whitman Reed died at her home in South Acworth, N. H.,