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intense, it may be necessary to open and drain the bladder; in some cases

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secretion of hydrochloric acid, this form of gastritis being

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appearance, it is probable that a second worm has become developed.

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their beginnings, and still covert and imperceptible in their

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and impalpable condition, we shall scarcely venture to conclude that

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5. The pain is of vascular orioin and due to an arteritis plus —

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the right side, which was followed by a discharge of fecal matter mixed

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fully revised under the Editorship of A. Logan Turner,

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sensitive, and on pressing the spinous processes, if there is much

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plicity of her productions. She offers, from time to time, to the con-

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was attacked on shipboard in a vessel from a tropical climate. The diseaae

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abscess. He had seen a case of recto-vesical fistula, like that