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by Mr. Lindley Nunn, Mus. B. (Cantab. ), in aid of the hospital funds ;
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lowships, and fifty meetings for the primary and pass examinations for
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unfortunate women in subjected districts, in order to force them on to the register.
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and he thought that gentleman was entitled to thanks for his commu-
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All that ought to be taken into account. The speaker concluded by
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thousand patients. These huts were arranged like spokes of a wheel,
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.and the Hospital for Sick Children.--TIic Duke of .Mariborough has
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fallen to ^513,048. After date it slowly rose, but in 1S68 was
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but how far that was correct he did not know. Dr. Richardson had
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scientious motives to second a resolution which, the author of it told
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to obtain the expression of such a wish. This clearly results from the ordinary
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changed, much discharge took place, and the neighbouring tissues be-
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the sick has been provided within a district, a justice, on application,
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The Address in Medicine was read by Fran'CIS SiBSON, M. D., F. R. S.
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education, which, the lecturer hoped, would be efficient in its opera-
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medical world, through their periodicals, from a field of instruction which
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tions which the Committees of the British Medical Association
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to meet the increasing requirements of the population." We, however,
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troduction of a tube after lithotomy was useless where there was a
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quent, and amiable terms in which he had discussed the question. He
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his clothing before he is deposited in his cot in the train. When all
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the suggestions which had been brought before him"; but he pointed
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a befitting manner, recollecting its reception in previous years at Dub-
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it an Examination in Hippocrates, Galen, or such other ancient medical
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By John C. Murray, M.D.— The author stated that the proposition
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irom both sides it has received the warmest expressions of gratitude,
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vation and reiteration of such facts as these will public attention be so
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was made special for the purpose cf confirming, or rejecting, the follow-
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the obstetric function. The ceremony, however, resembled one of
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P> Potassii iodidi, potassii bromidi, afi 5j ; infusi quassise gvj. M.
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an unsettled judgment, or from the want of a strict rule of preparation, —
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M-4NCHESTER, Township of— Assistant Medical Officer at new Workhouse at
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have been retained and treated as prisoners of war, while the carriages
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English, including Grammar, Composition, and the leading events of English His-
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towns and cities, however magnificent they may be in their outward
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the body in the insane is higher than in the sane. The most marked
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time on a course of Practical Anatomy. — Glasgozt'.
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duty is natural to man, and that there can be no satisfaction in life
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I believe — any hcemorrhage from these cases of chest-wound. Invari-
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