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If the lens be so placed that the edge of it is about at the

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tion of so many papers bearing upon this important subject. Dr. Chadwick's

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symptom common to a number of morbid conditions, and the problem

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ation is necessary. Philipowiez believes in laparotomy and

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sionally the parasite does die out, either spontaneously

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Actions on the heart and uses in ischemic heart disease. Consultant

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cancer. Lack of cancer specificity is its only drawback.

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The earliest example of extra-home care was, no doubt, the relief and maintenance of

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traced out, and its exact cause discovered. The increase of

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conditions during stance: Patients with vestibular deficits. J Neurosci 1982;

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morbid anatomy and applied physics must be attained. The

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knee-jerk, but neither ocular nor any other symptoms. In some cases the

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apoplectic and hemiplegic attacks tend in the opposite direc-

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absorbed and assimilated. Alcohol causes dulness and

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oil be applied as a dressing after vesication by cantharides,

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terialifm, may be paffed over, without troubling our readers ei-

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with parasites of the first group the convulsions are probably an

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involving the vestibular nuclei characteristically affect both

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ular. But the puncture did not close, and the serum continued to flow

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cases in which the patients did well throughout prolonged anes-

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acute inflammation of so important a structure as the iris to such treat-

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204 Medical Tower Bldg 848-7741 Baptist Medical Center 949-3202

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pulmonary artery. In the lower part of the smaU in-

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then, in time, fatty degeneration of the fibrilla; follows.

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N. Y., and report to Surgeon L. L. Williams (Immigration

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out all that he knows of the case. If that which he has to state is some

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nasal mucosa. It is a painful treatment, but the blood

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pain and irritation during catheterism is an indication for the operation, as

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of the dairies, as well as the milk when offered for sale here, we recommend

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an hystericftt paroxysm. Great anguish ; she feels as if she must die, and

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administered to ralDbits, fowls, and pigs during months, gradually

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with precision close to their points, and curved arc preferable to

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more than half of the collar bone. In a letter received from this patient

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to believe we have cured the disease. I do not think that the iodides

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comprehended by its own species, and by those of nearly similar

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retching occurs during the course of an examination, it is

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one person for one day. The diet is what is actually pre-

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CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (See above), dizziness, lightheadedness. insomnia, nightmares, hallucir

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but two had survived the lapse of quarter of a century; and it was also found

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On December 10, 1946, Thomas Perron, surgeon general of the Lb S. Public

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have at once a mirror of the learning of that time, and

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pneumonia ; in others there were merely slight chilly sensations ; these

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ditional cases X., XL, and XII., and comment on the

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there is no rest but in death. Organic life never sleeps. It is a stranger

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but later the interval was lengthened to one month. After the first five treat-

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"This organ was about three times its natural size, its free or convex

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ing the past year was wholly insignificant, and limited to

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femoris tore loose at its attachment to the upper frag-

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case of the hands, a ''bracelet" painting of the tincture