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this journal. Except on the subject of homoeopathy, it is progressive as

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afterwards became dropsical and died ; and, on dissection, Mr. O^Ferrall

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'^ Another argument, more powerful perhaps than any other, and

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very favorable for cases of chronic pneumonia, bronchitis, and laryn-

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The communication of Dr. Ridley, of Tullamore, I will read at length.

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Paralysis — Illustrative Cases — Effects of Cold on the Extremities The Epide-

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from the strict and naked truth in any of the preceding details. I

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is habitually constipated, and depends upon enemas for the move-

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suddenly in the night, after sleeping awhile. The child hastily

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of chemical names. The progress of investigation discloses almost

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be aptly termed, arguing not in but outside of a circle.

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clothed more than two thousand children. No case of suffering has

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Dr. J. C. W. Moore, formerly of Andover, was elected a member

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used it steadily every hour during the day, Arsen?, being also given

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of our senses ; and, in order to ascertain their nature and situation, we

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view of relieving pain and the irritation of the bronchial mucous mem-

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The essential features of the case are grouped together in

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ered with a cold perspiration. This case yielded to large doses of car-

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advocated by some ; but, as I shall show a little further on, this, Hke

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grains of the tartar emetic. The opium was afterwards laid aside, and

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In the animal body, the food is the fuel ; and, by a proper supply of

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by Rapou. I have used milk largely in fevers for five years, and

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The origin and march of the spasmodic cholera will form the subject

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and more dented in about the edges, of a fweet Lim-

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John H. Demarest, M.D., One-huudred-twenty-seventh St., n. Third Av., N. Y.

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bred recruits are, in fact, drawn from this class, but, at the final show-

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implies that their occurrence was frequent. They were generally of a

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When requested to prescribe for such cases, I give from one-half

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and rational therapeusis is becoming gradually but firmly estab-

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leeches, blisters would be doubtful, and the probability was that the

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give directions to have cupping-glasses, or hot dry flannel clothes,

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came more intense and extensive, and the torture he felt in the hands

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of treatment might have succeeded in saving the man's life. This man

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and at present I am experimenting upon homoeopathy." These words