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1. As a mere tonic, iron is much and very advantageously used in

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diaphoretic, it is so in a much less degree ; and has none of that tend-

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be prescribed for the invalid recovering from an acute dis-

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Xs an emertic. it has bocin adramtaprifnidTr enapknpod in the traEtaDenl

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possible, and he may see himself even as he is seen

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sented by the preparation officinally denominated sobcarbonate, is an

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locality of the pain, when this depends on disorder of the nerve-centres,

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with his conspirators dealt with good Osiris ; how °^ truth,

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weaker, but who have carefully cultivated and improved that

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while tlie patient is tinder its influence, though inadequate to Iho cum

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drinking water is apparently harmless to the general well-being of

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kept in total darkness, but it is perfectly white ; whilst again

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Eff ECi's OS THE System, The first effect of oil of turpentine, when

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spirited devil, without a spark of fine professional

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effects are produced ; but in no case should it be pushed beyond fifty

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the good or bad effects of animal food depends upon this prin-

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eopoeia, it is verr can*plr-x, >je::*r r^-ii j-r

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lished in the North American Medical and Surgical tTournal for April,

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Fimf^tm ^E'^m Fxn-jft.^n Ir-, Ctr^-; , \ ;,t''^\'wv.< *i»* V^^f^t *f'

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ing as they do a variability at once a despair and a

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spftsms themsel^ea Though, as before stated, the spasm will sometimes

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As a writer in the Lancet said (1872, II), ' Year by-

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phoreties. At present it is sufficient to observe that, in some iustaneeK,^

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eneant romitine and retching, there is rioWnt srastric and intes.Inal

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ployed ; but, whatever may be the name of the affection in which the

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tion, reintegration, resuscitation, &c. Do not forget

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creased if deemtrd advi-satiie. I: sii .uid b'-: b» uli:-:L!s;»-rfd ii. '.-'jiiij-f-

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opportunities of watching the attack and removal of this affection. I

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Even in occasional attacks of neuralgia, occurring at considerable in-

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also to affect the facility of absorption ; and substances which unite with

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to be incommoded by the heat of the floor. He then walks

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the young English physicians will find their keenest

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The fermented juice of the apple and the pear, or cyder

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the thermostat may be re-set at a slightly different level, per-

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that its employment may now be regulated with considerable confidence

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this induenee is not evinced by any striking phenomena; but it is no doubt

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staphylococci, however, increase with increasing dosages of sal-

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good may be expected ; but eczema and pemphigus are sometimes simi-

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there is no part of Hygiene in which there has been more

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the remedy, on account of great irritability of stomach. It should not