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tion, the weight and species of the animal, and the seat of

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Styptics, or Hcemostatics, are drugs which arrest hsemor-

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subcutaneous injection, and seems to gain strength by the use of

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intellectual bearings. It is, however, chiefly as a physiologist that I

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or until the fiiscia could be invaginated into the inguinal canal,

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moist eczema in dogs. Boric acid is occasionally prescribed

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was appointed Chairman. Dr. C. D.llomanswas re-elected Secretar}'.

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as some have done, that it is secreted from the blood, that is aban-

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becomes a white powder. Soluble in 1.6 parts of water and

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weak man strong for a short elfort or sudden emergency, but will not

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continuation of the poultices. Oct. 3d, found the patieut much im-

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than on the previous day, and the dyspnoea had become very severe.

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From these purely scientific investigations, so rude in comparison

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Calx Chlorinata. Chlorinated Lime. Ca CLO,,^ Ca C\^.

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does not appear that they realh' attained, or indeed aimed at, anything more than a flat, or

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said, "they knew it — the}' knew the taste uf senna and rhubarb, and

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tween 40 and 60 years, 13— above 60 years, 5. Bom in the United States, 60— Ireland, 15—

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125 a minute, and less resisting; greater tremulousness of the

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any opinion respecting either its color or feature ; it was as black

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a portion of the third division. Those from prostration were chiefly

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ment of the intellectual faculties, epilepsy, or other manifest nervous

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Properties. — In narrow or broad bands, more or less

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mediately demonstrable in school-houses filled with coughing and

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must be reluctantly admitted, have up to this time formed the sad

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well as the cellular tissue about the Wdueys, engorged with blood ; the

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intestine, towards the spine, the lymphatic glands formed a cancerous

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calities; whereas, had contaprion any influence in the matter, the dis-

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death. As there had been no vessels of any size wounded, and

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Bradford, Jos. Morgan, Hide, Carpenter, Hopkins, E. S. N. Morgan, Pond. At

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Synonym. — Squills, E. ; meerzwiebel, G. ; scille, squille,

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spiritus glonoini is the only preparation of nitroglycerin