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Todtschlag des Sohnes iu epileptischeiu Schwindelanfall.

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opinion. The puzzle of menstruation and its purpose and the actual

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of the looj), and thereby ^jreatly increasinj,' tlie dan^'cr

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in general only appeal to one of our senses at a time ; but our

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extraction of an unripe cataract is never justifiable as long as

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this is the only theory that will explain the facts as reported,

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night was severe. The symptoms of both were alike ; debility

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genous food is hurtful in all forms of Bright's disease.

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long-exploded doctrine. Surely it is not fitting that medical men

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climatic conditiona and elevation of a town in Northern Illinois with

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left. The ventricles had their normal position with thick-

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bed capacity greater than that of the public hospitals of ISTew York,

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taken strychnia medicinally, died in less than three hours from a dose of a

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Hospital. As soon as -the eiases were discovered an injunettion

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the proportion of nitrogenous to non-nitrogenous matter is made to vaiy, in

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are kept. We are indebted to Dr. W. J. Monilaw, Physical Director,

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necessary to divide the disease into two classes, — the pri-

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Aidstant-Sarceon to, and Lecturer on Phyiiology at, the Westminiter Hoepittl.

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eight deaths from yellow fever in Havana last week.

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branches of the auricular are distributed to the external auditory meatus

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fully aware when most to expect them, and then being upon

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inches, of chest*22| inches, of abdomen 23 inches. He is unable to

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to the twist, may present areas of ulceration or actual necro-

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epitomise everything that has been done in this department,

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benumbed by a disease that he does not complain at all. In the latter

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in the muscular structure or else superficially, the remnants of

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well in the country. We are speaking now of the ex-

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comes the nearly fixed end of a lever represented by this transverse

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Investigations by Local Irritation. — In the report for July, 1873,

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A dairyman was found who was willing to undertake the produc-

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involving the right arm and forearm, this being first observed about September

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teachers, but which have been long abandoned, and have left no permanent ill

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George A. Johnson (Poughkeepsie, N. Y.) stated that it has

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each of these is not a mere change in form of the original cell

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1.0617 gm. of substance required for neutralization 7.70 cc. of 0.5 n NaOH

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paler shade. In some the whole eruption became confluent,