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Grammar, with y..t'nfi^\0T{s I^Iemorabilia; French Grammar, with Voltaire's CAar/^j

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those interments of an Indian fakir, who is warranted to revive, if ex-

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oversight in this case as to not being able to find the ligature. He

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J I am indebted to my brother, the Rev Robinson Duckworth, for assistance in

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Colonel Loyd Lindsay is now, we believe, on his way to the

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a little uneasy from sickness and trouble? He hoped Dr. Murray would

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performing primaiy amputation ; and consequently have done the oper-

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course very improbable that, without some practical knowledge, a stu-

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influence in the Council which is to regulate us for good or for evil.

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were at Broadmoor State Asylum, and 186 in county asylums. Under

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Johnson (Lancaster), and unanimously agreed to. — Dr. Eastwood re-

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and run them to the extreme, and to neglect more or less everything

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vided hospital stores to a certain extent ; and if, after that provision has

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tive amount of mortaUty in each of their 625 union districts, after

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for non-payment of subscriptions : 414 new members have been elected

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Dr. Tilt (London) seconded the resolution, which was adopted

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be done, so as to meet the objections which might be urged on the score

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sures as may be necessary. Professor Frerichs has been sent by the Go-

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A Commission has been appointed to examine into the state of the

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gross number of cases of disease, and of the number of cases of scarla-

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miners without further payment. The Warden has authority, in case

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that the disease spread to the adjoining houses when the patients re-

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condition and health were indifferent. He had led a very irregular

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consumption. Between the ages of one and two and a half, many more

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Examination, or to the Final Examination for Letters Testimonial, until

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take the opportunity again to inform the members of the Asssociation,

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fully their own diameter, the shape altering at the same time. At first

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man had a great appetite and ate largely at the moment when he was

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Habits of laziness, when combined with over-eating, lead to obesity;

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posed surveillance of baby-farmers (which you, I think, advocate) take place,

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the President for his address. It contained an immense amount of solid

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tion to the Governor-General in Council upon sanitary subjects, and

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blind to his faults, when we remember what he did for science. No

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secretaries to attend the meetings of the Committee of Council, that

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sisted ; and to Professor AUman, on his resignation. He enumerated

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arriving at Sedan, to reach MacMahon's head quarters and the front.

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strated to the class, a very painful node on the right tibia was handled

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