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ture of iodin, the former especially giving a deep ma-
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affected with the eruption, but upon the general system. 1 mention this,
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they are induced in utero involves many questions of interest in pathology.
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ville Medical Institute, in presence of the citizens of the place, at the
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The author's own remarks, at the termination of his essay, are indeed well
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has sent a circular to the truck farmers of the state calling
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that their graduates be accorded these privil^es in the naval,
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efficacy of this method of treatment, having witnessed several of the cases.
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tents by wholesale, than to analyse, discriminate, and appropriate their
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ness in the left extremities ; sensibility rather greater than in the right side ;
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days. The Conunission telegraphed an epitome of its
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place, March 26, after a prolonged illness, aged 54.
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the anterior lobes were removed, 9 bred normally, 5 proved
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this class, the type C instrument is designed, and enables the
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nated water. Thus, for example, the cholera epidemic
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do they represent the measure of gravity in the case and too
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companied by the passage of very small particles of gravel,
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Orange Memorial Hospital has appointed Drs. William B.
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other organic diseases temporarily or permanently cured.
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person should suddenly receive his sight, he would become to-
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retrograde circulation — we imagine the great danger to the above patient
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abscess is likely to sbow itself, is found to be more tender than the rest of
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tines was manifest over its surface; at the inner and upper part was seen
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[We may conclude that there has been no return of disease in these cases,
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suppuration of the wound. From some of the representations on this sub-
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of a spray of one part of chlorid of adrenalin to 10,000
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was moderately adherent over the longitudinal sinus. There
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had commenced. At the end of ei^ht hours, the sight of the patient was
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foreign to that organ ; in the last case, purulent collections -in the skull
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This is the average xtsnXt of a series of Thermometric observations, made
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to which sutficient attention has not been directed. The
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The toxins of diphtheria at least, are not eliminated in the
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case only under one of two conditions: First, where the con-
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au of this university could scarcely hope again to fill. Perhaps no
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duration, 7 months: male, 13 1^ years; complete paraplegia, recto-
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more than a little obliquity of diagnosis. Thus, in the
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not infrequently, lie legs. The eruption first consists
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induced, in 1816, to resort to the proceeding of dividing the tendo achillis,
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are not the worst part of the evil under such circumstances. The inflamed
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space occupying the centre of this side was found of a reddish colour, much