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cent, Thiadin, Vitaplex, Bismuth-Kaolin and many others. A

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fourth ventricle all much dilated. A small hernia of the cerebellum protruded

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four hours previously they create an immunity of some

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pothesis. Let us suppose that the iron salts circulating

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entrance of air with its abounding micro-organisms to the inflamed and lymph

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ance at a recognised dental hospital and school, on production of the

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canal, even through tlie internal opening, is insufficient.

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all, even under circumstances seemingly the most favor-

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1851.] Donaldson on Bernard's Recent Discoveries. 357

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Berlm, Leipsic, Frankfort, Wiesbaden, Biebrich ; steamer

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for that woman what is done by surgery. The gall-bladder had

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" Protozoan Infections," by Dr. L. G. Pearce, Brantford.

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alarmed at the respiratory symptoms which developed after the third

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iiearly an inch in length. From the general appearances presented by the

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April 26^7i. — The unpleasant symptoms very gradually subsided, and

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Dispensary in the City of New York ; Consulting Obstet-

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It will be seen that only a small proportion of the

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fected while it is butchered or during any stage in its after-care. The

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greater portion of the large arteries and veins. Both arte-

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the postage on all matter that necessarily passed between the

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twenty cases of malarial fever ; in fourteen a single

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are the result and not the cause of the fever ; but be this as it may,

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patients who have in the past few years had an innocent appendix

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serious annoyance when intersected by the cellars or basements of houses.

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Unlike wood, it is non-absorbent and hence inodorous; it

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wall, while others struggle along, barely earning their

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organ, more especially to the stomach. In such cases

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ing the action of the heart, though there is little unanim-

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the figures are too recent to state just how much. The most striking

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pestle or a porcelain spoon, throw the cotton into a large quantity