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median one between the two parietal bones and overlying the longi-

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by oleomargarine with advantage to the consumers of low-priced butter,

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stead of being exposed to the sun's heat. The process is rapid and

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excessive pain in the ear, especially when she coughed. It is a fact

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to be prevalent at certain seasons ; but this argument has not yet been

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houn.—Jiei'ue Gen. de Clinique et de Jherapeutique,

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term. There had been two cases lately in the hospital about five

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of the mesenteric glands of dogs killed by various means, and

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attended with difficulty and pain in deglutition, and

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You notice that the swelling is globular and the skin over it seems

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and progressing fairly welL He was, therefore, sceptical about the

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as the excision of the cancerous mamma. In describing the extirpation

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slight amount of pyrexia ; which, however, had this

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is retrogressive or progressive has not as yet been de-

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strength, and hence can be depended upon in clinical practice.

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their pluck and their financial resources. It is no basis for

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the influence of partui-ition on the mammary gland that had

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breathed in the country, so the tendency to lung disease was greater.

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arteries, do not occur in a normal ovary. The formation of

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ordered spt. turpentine to be applied on flannel to his throat, which gave

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The rapidity of progress of the inflammatory action,

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mortar, the Oil poured on the top of it, the water all

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0.5 to 1 gm. in the twenty-four hours. Although some experimen-

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of 1879, '80 and '81. Crudeli goes on to say that "The

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He was the doctors' family pediatrician, honored by the confidence

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lunatics, and 150,000 are not sane, but are not certifiable, while 66,000

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to infection or implantation or was the resistance mere-

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