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to projecft and hang over much beyond his legs; be-

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muscle may be seen when it is opened, and later on the mucous membrane

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examined for the presence of undigested food ; the presence of micro-

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phoric oxide (P 4 O 10 ), phosphorus oxide (P 4 6 ), and phosphorus. The

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be given at. once, or an inhalation of nitrite of amyl employed. For the

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Long-standing constipation may terminate in a veritable obstruction

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Pies or tarts may be taken occasionally (twice a week) but rich cakes

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iliac fossse. There is usually a general feeling of illness; there is sometimes

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their particular attention in all times to ennoble the

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Symptoms. — The subject of sprue generally gives a history of gradu-

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but to cut out with the kiiifo, as you would in malignant disease,

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discovery post-mortem, support the view as to the nervous origin of the

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the fact tliat most of the clinical wurk has to be done in the fifth

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William; Herbert A. Bruce, Toronto; E. Stanley Ryerson, Toronto;

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examine when the cervix is fully dilated, to determine whether or not

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by impacted faeces, but this is a very uncommon event^ considering the

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In order to understand the rationale of the treatment which will be outlined

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great care should be exercised to keep the water supply uncontaminated

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The nature and situations of the lesions produced by ingestion are of

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tion, unless the nature of the disease is recognised and appropriate treatment

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Of these endocrines six have been isolated in a more or less pure

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persons who as "opticians" or "optometrists" pose as self-styled "doc-

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where one or more granulations appear, and perhaps slightly project above

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lext is very full and all carefully arranged. It is of further value

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it as sometimes, even in a good light, it is difficult to distinguish

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examination, in conjunction with the history of the case and the character of

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to protect the healing tissues must be maintained until recovery is complete.

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jection of the distal end of the tumour into the duodenum and the

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throughout the chest. Flatulence rarely ever produces actual pain,

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The term catarrhal jaundice has been applied, on the supposition that there

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sacro-iliac or lumbo-sacral joints is that treatment directed to the

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are at that age capable of generating, it is advifea-

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Sweating at night is often a source of great discomfort to the patient,

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acute gastritis due to poison, the suddenness of the onset of the symptoms

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