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affection, or of its complication or extension to other parts.
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phthisical predisposition in the habit of the patient ; an opi-
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and that proposals for a settlement of the questions in dispute
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Our case is very unusual as it involved dissections of
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stowed away in his trousers pocket, and still leave room
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more or less constitutional disturbance, should excite suspicion of this dis-
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their field of view when they can prefer, on chemical grounds,
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* The extract-containing broth was inoculated with 0.05 cc. of the supernatant
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The allotted length of this paper will not permit a careful
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time, again after an interval of four years, and then again after the
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ObSBRVBRS.— George E. Franklin, U. S. Weather Bureau, Los Angeles; M. L.Heame,U.
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the leading therapeutic maxims entertained by them,
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case about six months ago in point. A woman, who had periodic mania of
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mercury was employed. But then it was employed conjointly
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especially about the bases of the teats and the adjoining vicinity
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tional impression on the subject. Vaccination, although
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.Iiinrway rcnuiikfd lie liad, after a cart-ful c•oll^^i^^t'ra-
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be given, well diluted, thrice daily immediately after meals. If albumin-
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When considered in detail, individually and collectively, they
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from its extremity. The proximal end of the trocar is so made as to be
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these tumors are very large, say from 15 to 50 lbs.,
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2-methyl-2-n-propyM,3-proponedloI dlearbamate — U. S. Patent 2,724,720
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brumpti Railliet and Henry 1905, immature females of which were found by
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Etiology. — It is most common in adults and in males.
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August, although some sporadic cases were announced up