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I assert that every physician, even after entering upon fhe active du-
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contact— in hospitals during epidemics involving nosocomial
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ployment of clysters, if there be not too much tenesmus to admit
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fevers febris pneumonica^ or pneumonic fever, we may define the disease as
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its inflammation, as hepatization has to that which succeeds it.
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border of the liver. In the common duct, in the finding
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ever, to be obtained superiorly between it and hepatic dulness.
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late or convert one system into the other is true, and it is just here
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weapons against an enemy in nuclear warfare is considered part
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The value of cinchona bark in the treatment of distinctly intermit-
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vacation because the small milligram dosage lessens side effects.
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tion of the meatus with the latter could not occur, and the expulsion of cervical
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retract, and lose bulk ; whereas that of the skin-flap
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From the above propositions every disease must have a locality,
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In tins case the course of events has justified the opinion
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consulted Dr. Janeway,and his urine showed a specific gravity of 1014,
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that he felt that the present attack was just as bad as his two previous
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pared by the Indians. Up to the present time I had never
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specially to prove this proposition, since it is established by
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1. Miss Josephine Tonnoffski (account rendered) $ 80.50
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With a greater amount of swelling, together witli submucous infiltration,
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" M. G., on the 6th of November, 1804, being then a stout and healthy
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sion, in different parts of the body j and this, it is remarked, is a
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utes, there being complete unconsciousness in the in-
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that the Council had well and honestly attempted to carry out
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1849, three weeks after the eye was first found to be diseased. The first
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resulted in death, and one of splenic leukemia with recovery,
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The building fund of the Maryland University Hospital
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DR. GEOROB 8. DIXON, Naw Tosx Bra avd Baa Ianaauar.
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after success with the greatest ease. However, he again
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