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heated, pressure from a tumor, &c. There is no visible
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laboured had been removed, but further and in an inequivocal manner
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ing with the mouth closed. In most of these cases there
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written solely with the object of recommending books to
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in fact, even helping to entrap them. For these reasons sun-
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have closed the incision by suture, but it is an operation which
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both from a catarrhal and a scarlatinal inflammation.
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each cfricer and man. This bag at the opening is sewn over a gal-
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ASA Class 2 and 3 patients can be reduced by a program
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if the diarrhoBa persists. In many cases a drachm of syrup of
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horn spread in the medulla ; they surround the horn, and at its basis curve from either side
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Dr. M. Singer, house surgeon of St. Mary's Infirmary,
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the vear to warrant their being: admitted to the rank of Free
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forms of compression the air has left the vesicles and bronchi, but the
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frequence et leur cause. Rev. frtn. de clin. et de th6rap.,
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Inquiry as to the onset of the attack revealed the following his-
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groove. This furrow was empty. To its inner side could be felt indis-
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regular laws. In far-away Japan there exist precisely
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ships under Antonio da Torrez from thence. At this time,
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important construction provides that any one, or any
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premonitory and incipient, the acute, and the debilitated and convales-
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Aii((tps[i, twenty hours after death. Body of medium size and
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cumstances. Cherish always, then, a reverence for man as
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' Robert Liston' should be enough — a great surgical genius, unrivalled
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tive obituary notice, occupying ten pages, appears in the
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employment of a vaccine made from the sputum for the treatment of
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cally injured infants similar to that of the Workman’s
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in Ouain's Dictionary of Medicine, says: It is maintained by some ob-
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to doubt that the habit may be broken off with safety by a
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Dr. F. M. Sandwith, of Cairo, Egypt, records 2 cases of pulmon-
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yield about the same amount of warmth to the body as is supplied by
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differs much in ditfert-nt cases, aud it is apt to fluctuate in the eamecwc
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Bates reports the successful employment of nitro-gly-
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interest of the reaction is considerable, its value to the practical surgeon