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are complex from the variety of the kind, degree, and extent

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1872) reports six cases of rupture and other injuries of the membrane

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perusal of it, I was so impressed with the straightfor-

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of frenzy, wreaked his anger on whoever was nearest, and

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Some Ot^servatioxk on Acute Ascexdixc; Paralysis r>()l

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This treatment will cure nine cases out of ten, if adopted promptly within forty*

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peripheral resistances varies mainly through vaso-motor

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and smaller. Freiiuently the hemorrhagic nodules have a yellow center. The

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b', TrabeculiB of connective tissue which subdivide fasciculi.

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Prowazeld. By collecting lice from patients and other persons and also

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diminished. The fistula symptom may be present, but is usually

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stitial infiltration of a peculiar secretion analogous to that which

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the little girls were even more nearly horizontal than

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imaginary affections which may render their lives almost

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into the urine under the form of paraamidophenol and para-

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and there was increase of pain. There was a great nervous element in

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longer exposure which is possible, we can cure growths that

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next unfortunate upon whom the thermometer may be used.

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in its conflicts, its hopes, its ambitions public mind today is the changing atti-

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The Abuse of Tonics. — Dr. Alfred W. Perry, of San

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tion is to cleanse the uterus by means of the curette.

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surface of the puerperal uterus, and consider the pathologic anatomy

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famous center of medicine in the island of Cos, where

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was thoroughly washed out. A flattened bullet of lead was

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Brooke, J., Assistant Surgeon. — Granted leave of absence

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eases, morbid fermentative or catalytic processes take place without any

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of certain older authors, that tetany is purely of cerebral origin.

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cumstances, the amount necessary for the full performance of the vari-

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Supported by Roche Laboratories, NCME provides programs without charge

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contrast to these findings are those recorded when a fermentative

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this kind presented themselves it was noted that there was occasionally

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she returned, October eighth. l!t()2, with a mass of new

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that the diploma shall represent what it assumes to be, than all

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visceral sensation. There can be no question, that the exercise