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i ablation of endobronchial bronchogenic carcinoma;
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The corrected death rate known as the "Index of mortality," which
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joint swelling greatly dmiinished, the aching and pain were much
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sponding portion of the inner margin of the foot. A long incision having been
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have brought positive results in a direction to which hitherto
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and atrophy of the right leg. Otherwise he was healthy and
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is 200 to 210/i long by 5/i in cUameter, without sheath; the tail is sharply
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the facility thus afforded to a certain and early diagnosis.
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body was round and full, and while I was wondering what
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eye.) By Prof. L. Lewin, Berlin, and Dr. II. Guillery, Oberstabsarzt, Coeln.,
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as are those of bronchial asthma, the loud, sibilant rhonchi, so character-
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infinitely stronger than that of reason, logic, or physi-
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similar morbid change was found in any other of the viscera.
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measuring cutaneous blood flow with a laser Doppler is po-
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incontinence of urine or feces the care of the skin is a most difficult
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vertebra. He complained, during first eight weeks, of intermittent attacks of pain,
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A half to 1 teaspoonful several times a day. [h.c.w.]
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same metals, some being cured by iron, others by cop-
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1882; case was one of uterine fibroma, with hemorrhage. Woman died
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(Takamine), and Poehl's hydrochlorid or adrenal chlorid. In
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ations, except in a very few special instances not amount-
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cases, the symptoms are worse until the stimulation
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ascites and oedema of the extremities. On this had supervened the in-
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ness, or by their futility only prove the correctness
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tongue, especially the cireumvallate, which are about ten
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kind quite as m<ieh as by going to Parliament for a compulsory
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(d) Hunter, in his account of the dissection of Lemur Dwnefcz, notices
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a tree as the Arar, which produces the Sandrac gum, nor does it
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Fiji Islands has resulted in an infection rate which is prob-
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turbances. Rose, of Zurich, has also lately left ampu-
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Kiev charitablrt board.) Duevnik syezda Obsli. russk.