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Philadelphia : F. A. Davis Company, Publishers, 1942.
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say that it works a hardship on all of us who are poor.
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cases to illustrate the points covered above. (From the Section on Dermatology.)
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The Pocket Materia Medica and TherapauTics.— A Resume of the Action and
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Vogt, E. C.: Am. J. Roentgenol., 22:463-469, November,
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anesthesia and in obstetrics. From all these areas come
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the junction of the descending and transverse portions
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Schenley in Pittsburgh will be the headquarters for
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Dr. Stein : If this assessment proposal is adopted,
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gunpowder ; a " peeoge " (or devil) hung fire, and he poured some
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normal functions of a community after a gas attack,
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operations of Group Health Association, Inc., a non-
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