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l)e congratulated on the result. I understand that the stimulus which Major
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Remove the sting at once with a needle or the fingers ;
cients, who said that such expectoration was still crude. But in
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these play a part. Regarding treatment, he has found iron
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Grawitz took up the experimental study of infection of peritoneum,
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of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which occurred in a man
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doniinalis. Med.-chir. Centralbl., AV^ien, 1883, xviii, 275. —
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We are doubtless all familiar with the picture so graphi-
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Three days later she was free of all pain and was eating solid
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upon two different occasions. Raw catgut should be de-
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great hall of the Ecole de Medecine. The number of names
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very vigorously, and then following this by applications
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•employed, even after a submersion of half an hour's duration, that it ought
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Injuries of thorax. — In lung injuries I was struck with the
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living at remote points in the State are referred to the
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appearing after scarlatina stand in close relation with the latter dis-
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of the long bones, two deposits very often co-exist —
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presents the winners of the 1993 President's Achievement Award
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case is given, where a woman, weary of a long dropsical complaint
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vention of cancer and coronary artery disease. Patients
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in half-drachm doses three times a day. This acted freely on the bow-
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young lady wiiose case lie had just related to induce
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strain are amazingly complex and differ in some re-
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the disease; Dover's powder at night— and oftener if needed to allay pain
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straw. Examined the fungi under the microscope. The plants were in
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states, the lO-mg tablets often produce desired results.
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the theory that we are dealing with a cardiac and not a
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rapports avec Y arythmia complete. Arch. d. mal. du coeur, 1912, 5, 433.
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Colonel W. F. Morse, of New York, dealt briefly with