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able to take up the colloidal substances from the blood. The process here

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The history of the temperature ordinarily is as follows :

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Exogenous, (b) Endogenous, (i) Gastro-intestinal. (ii) Metabolic products.

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while in persons who have become corpulent only through excessive

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Case XVI. — A man, aged 33, who had had several attacks of acute

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edges, which is thus explained by Cornil and Kanvier.

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ligaments, tendons and tendinous sheaths, and the synovial mem-

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albumin upon the excretion of sugar has alone entered into consid-

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article of food exerts so great an inhibitory influence over the forma-

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Nausea and vomiting are fairly common symptoms. They may come on

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restricted quantities are to be allowed. When we have no reason

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When we consider what a complex piece of machinery the human

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external sexual organs, the breasts and the vulva, changes of form,

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Weiske und Wildt : Untersucliungeu iiber Fettbildung im Tliierkijrper. Zeit-

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more in hot water. A teaspoonful of paregoric may be added for an

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mon. It nas been seen in vaccinia. In cholera the scanty, bloody, and

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the sensibility so that the next day the cotton can be worked down

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Next to the hip the shoulder and knee are the joints most fre-

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in gout it is uric acid that is present in excess, and the kidneys are

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infiltrated with urates, crippled and confined to their chairs, dying

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What may be styled, for the sake of brevity, the rheumatic theory

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the roundness of its parts and the softness of its outlines, is richer

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ward ; its surface in contact with the scapula was largely deficient of

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else we should seek to obtain for the patient relief from confining and

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result of the presence of biliary matter and perhaps other toxic material in the

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The causes of miscarriage are numerous. Some of the more

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gotten. For these reasons gout is more often witnessed among the

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undergone extensive abrasion adapting their form to the requirements

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difficulty which itself creates ; while the general influence of residence

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