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thought of that before! It was not my fault at all!" After coming
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mortality. In the tables of these bills, furnished by Dr. B., we find
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fied, so as to produce a febrile reaction; for all its parts are so connected, that
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tion is invited to the extremities by the hot water.
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have used the remedy in three cases in which some gastric disturbances
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again meet with the foetal condition. In the fcEtus the chest is small and contract-
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dence which may justly and advantageously be placed in it, the cases admit-
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But, judged either by the median for duration or the number of
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lowed by a temporary improvement in the patient's condition. Before
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general. We might also add to the diagnosis, that paralysis connected with
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the use of the salt — although, he admits, they are frequently owing to other inap-
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the efficiency of these substances is unquestionable we find on the
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act of expulsion, it seems, sets up in waves, and again we have a
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of the chemist's jar, and found in it several large lumps, some of which were
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feeling that the illness, unpleasant though it be in some respects,
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This analysis gives such impressions an objective foundation in
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in monkey serum intraspinously into monkeys. Subsequent exami-
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tinctly that his health had been very good till fourteen weeks before admission, —
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reference to and reports of cases of Brill's disease. Medical Record, June 25, 1910,
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out in connection with duodenal ulcers, is that in a rough way we
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the following case, seem to afford additional confirmation of the opinion enter-
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6. Chrostowski, 11 1885. Blacksmith, aged twenty-seven years. Had
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the intestine becomes too large for the cavity which contains it. Simple dis-
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dilated, but at times suddenly returns to the normal size, or may be con-
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nions of those pathologists who insist upon the local origin of all dis-
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obscure the parts, and we are thus enabled to see the tissue through which
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resembled those seen before the injection. In experiment XII,
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gathered from it that Mrs. Smith, previously to taking the gruel, as she called it,
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become, in a great degi'ee, paralyzed; so that it was necessary to employ the ca-
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titioners, in such cases, recommend pills of calomel, rhubarb, and aloes; but
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I wish to call your attention to the plan of treatment, not with reference to
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members, with the addition of a few details given upon high au-
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Frankel has investigated the distribution of various organisms
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his elaborate research and sound reasoning for them to doubt that
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to ti>e true syphilitic chancre, as described by Mr. Hunter. From a fortnight
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" It is a singular circumstance, that previous to venesection, not one of them
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applied over the sciatic nerve on the loins, or a little below and to the outer
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is needed in future years. As a niatter of fact, these fatal cases
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muscae volitantes. There are many other phenomena of the kind, causing a
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A study of the table reveals the following interesting points:
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and is very restless a portion of the time; starts frequently in her sleep;
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