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is rapidly progressing to relieve the patient from its forlorn
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suffrages of the Fellows of this ancient Society I had been elected
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losis of the peritoneum. A careful search had failed
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ence of a blood-change is a logical inference from this fact. That most
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evening, thereafter assuming a septic type. On the seventh
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rehable text-book, to present intelHgibly and succinctly the
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he suspended on account of the very acute irritation caused
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able process on several occasions and the two halves never broke loose.
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formation of toxins; second, to favor their ehmination, and
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have amply justified them ; and a considerable body of other evi-
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the skin, and is now developing at this age. He may develop such tumours
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grave accident {Btiliih M,d. Jourtio/, Jvr\e y>, 1883),
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It was a pleasure to see this patient and it speaks well
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present. In other words, we are well aware that other agencies
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tion of authorities, for under the important heading, "What
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good condition. AVith respect to the sewers, a stench
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In looking over the literature for the last fifteen years we have been
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confessed, as shown by the hospital records themselves, are bad enough ; and in fact,
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ophthalmology, University of Chicago, presented the
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large doses of salicylate of sodium, seventy-five grains daily
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suspension and Ringer's solution formed a slightly hazy, firm homo-
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self. She passed her water freely; never spat any blood ; and had no swelling
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that they have as their basis the principle that gastric chemistry
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view of discovering such an agent. I endeavored to ascertain from
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his fortv-fifth birthday, when he died on Friday, February 15th, 1918.
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I will not have to say it. I think that this Council is quite prepared to accept, as a fact,
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the people who had known him from boyhood. His suc-