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our best efforts in the hygienic treatment of many of our
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he learned the facts he changed his attitude and explained his
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I am able to bring forward some evidence in its support.
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report of the Division on Safe Transportation of the
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fungi are its real causes. From his investigations Castel-
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mind was affected, and he had become subject to fits. In
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extensors of the thumb, which require a strong current. The
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Journal in advocacy of the open method of treatment of spinal
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percentage of nephritis occurred in patients kept quiet in
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or flaps. First, the tumour is turned up and a shallow
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conditions favor it (see under Biliary Fistulae), after the cystic
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ing, momentary loss of consciousness, tinnitus aurium, the feeling of
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of legs. Heart's action is irregular. Passes about 25 ounces of urine
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favorable for ophthalmoscopic examinations. Med. Times
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biol., Firenze, 1895, xlix, 223-265.— TangI (F.) &. Weiscr
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to exercise the care of a prudent man in like circumstances
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As will be seen from the accompanying diagram, it consists of
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tion. Instances have been observed both of continuous and of
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moving hyperagmia ; and the bleeding had been either very slight, or altogether
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next, in lessening this nuisance, and that other mayors
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assumes a dusky hue, and his lips and extremities are apt to be
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ing across the ship from starboard to post, the pitching movement
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Brandini and many others to give relief from the intense
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the head has been "locked" between the pubis and sacrum.
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tongue and larynx showed fatty degeneration, and the nerves supplying them
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been altogether absent. Nor, if we consider the number
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agreeable manner. When it is borne in mind that every crevice in the house is carefully stopped
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peristaltic action of the bowels. In the latter stages of the dis-
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its fimbriated extremity. Reaching upward I feel nothing abnormal
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the principal joints are affected in turn, peri- and endocarditis also