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the chyle, for, when treated by sulphuric ether, which dissolves

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by any methods of treatment. On the other hand, many cases of

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being rough and rugose, with transverse stria?, which, as it were, fit into one

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always made by the physician in attendance on the victim. Lead

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without sphincter paralysis, or when the symptoms seem inconsistent

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classical art. The first herbal printed in England with woodcut figures

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ployed in six cases, and which I shall always regret

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water and the spirit, previously mixed together, precipitate, — xvlieii the clear solution may be de»

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Properties. — Emetic, expectorant and diapnoretic. The

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communicated with the uterine cavity by a still patent undilated

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symptom arose from this cause, and that so long as the parasites

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milk diluted with barley water and sweetened with cane

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lunch. A few people that I know eat no breakfast. It is a

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seemed good, except that she was rather irritable and apathetic. This, however,

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his pocket, and so ' drink him dry,' she will permit him to

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appearances could not be the result of accident; it was not impossible but

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than in the natural state of these parts. The uterus

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exclusion is less repugnant and prolongs life equally as well.

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is not uncommon in the hotter parts of India, and it now and then occurs

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spearated. Upon dividing the above-described fibrous

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usually attacks the cartilaginous septum, but may occur at the juncture

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have been observed in artificial cultures by Hauser.

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cannot trust the tricuspid valve at a push as we can the

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frequently occurs. There is profound asthenia, with maniacal excitement

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nuses. By this adjustment he was enabled for the first time to

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of the wound thoroughly without the operator having to withdraw

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sometimes dull or almost wanting — increased usually by pressure, or

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IVIedical Journals of Europe, of examples of uniting by a su-