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should be finely ground. Ointments are greasy, dirty, and often injurious.

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(one part to two or four of water), which should be poured in tbrougb

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Many questions were left unanswered: What did he intend giving some persons listed in his

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gave a globulin test and a definite increase in cells; in one instance, 690 cells

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ciate their responsibilities, civic or moral ? Were they

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myocarditis, syphilis, gout, diabetes, irritation of the

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— Tasteless** *'This medicament is much more useful

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duction of wheaten flour should remove simply the three corti-

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garrison courses given during the period of a return of the Hospital

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Evidence of the presence of poison in the contents of a stomach was once

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With regard to the first, Louis has found that the average dura-

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portion of his public lectures j while, to almost every class of

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or decrease in the number of red corpuscles indicates that the

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dicated a diffei-ent opinion, he distinctly states, in describing this

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to pay, he was not entitled to free treatment even at a free

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and 27th September. At Meean Meer the commencement of the

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mixed directly in the heart, or by communications between the two systems.

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though it should be added that unsightly deformity re-

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immaterial organisers the properties of extension, infinite

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in the evening he was called to see her. He then made a very close

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continued ? One can rarely guess at the space required

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enough to stand upon the work-table ready for instant use, to which

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and mumps. Menses began at fourteen ; regular duration four days. One living

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inches. The semilunar valves of the aorta were thickened, adherent at ce