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glass was employed, the hole should be so large that
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than a woman about to be confined. Her pulse was running 120
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4. Bark Brown — Second quality. Venice turpentine 4 oz.,
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acute nephritis. It is apt to occur, also, suddenly, at a certain
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down the nerve and muscle in contraction, and a current of negative
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tonsils and adenoids removed. She recovered from this and was well
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5. Glover JA: The cerebrospinal fever epidemic of 1917 at 'X' depot. JR Army
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upon the vessel she began, in spite of every attempt to control
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religion, philosophy, mor.ility, and forms of thought of the
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of organisms that occasion lactic acid fermentation. The same principle
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Major B. E. Fryer, Surgeon, found incapacitated for active ser-
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direful consequences of this evil, ought not the law to furnish
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has taken place. Regular examinations should be made at intervals
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cythamiia), there may be found over these, particularly the sternum, tender-
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which, on falling off, leave a reddish stain. Itchiness may succeed their
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really below normal in specific gravity. The decrease
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out and the pedicle secured. The wound was closed by buried sutures, uniting perito-
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the fungus has been successfully isolated. The growth on
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Taylor, M. E., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave
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changes are rapid and marked when in laboratory experiments with
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lowed by a pleurisy. She recovered completely from this illness
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dle coat of the artery implicated. The walls of these small
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perience but one case (as the patient thought) required cocaine
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is much thicker, as a rule, usually mucopurulent, with a foul odor, with
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vessels of the head, with a feeling of tremendous pressure
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to inform them except their deep sensibility and tactile sense. Nose
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meetings. The little things are often the great things, and they
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but as none is given we must conclude that he considered th^
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that the hyperacid gastric juice does not digest as readily
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1 pi. Stnilthngnt. Ueber eim n lioclifiiadigeu Defect
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come by an increase in the number of leucocytes and in the alkalinity
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Dr. Gregory tells a story about "an old house near Edinburgh, long