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symptoms were carefully observed both by myself and
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inches. The semilunar valves of the aorta were thickened, adherent at ce
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The rapidly-diminishing power of vision and the steady
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tion for 1914 of applicants for licenses to practice
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space the hinder pai-t of the stomach, in which there were no
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His first requirement, as I have learned from some of his
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in a dreadful condition. There were no disinfectants
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autunm and winter it was found that a sensitive point yet re-
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indications for antimony in canine practice : 1st, as an
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properties of streptococci by growing them symbiotically with B. subtilis on
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and Kelat ; and after, in the course of fifteen months, exclusive
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thus close its patulous vessels — hemorrhage and irregular contraction
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to stinking camps, it must needs be by changing of affeccions which alter the bodie,
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the tissues of the tubercle bacillus or its toxines, and advocates that
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There were no colonies of pneumococci or streptococci. Two days later the
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— ^a papillomatous ovarian cyst the size of a melon — ^was easily re-
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interested. After many years of expectant observation I
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by discussion, become responsible for, or approve the
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Allowances, special authorization, or items announced as newly
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in marked asthenia. The knee-jerk is increased in one-half of the early
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Po4t-mortem Examination : Thirty minutes after death, blood-vessels of the dura-mater,
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onment for the offense of which they have been convicted.
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very numerous, performed weekly in the presence of the class in the operating theatre.
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Affected children with a history of exposure were all
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rejection and bring on epigastric pain. The vomit consists of ropy aud
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Brit. Mr J., Loud., 1888, i, 592.— Gayet. Du traiteraentde
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