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tion of the coil, which serves to interrupt the current bv means of a vibrator.
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Aet. 45. — ContrihvJtumB on the Pathological Anatomy of (he PleurcL
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rendered aseptic. The injection may be made in the back, abdomen,
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rupturing membranes; manual dilatation and forceps; male child; lived six hours and
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Clemente Cabitto^^ states that in five undoubted cases of acute
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all drastic remedies excluded. Personally, I prefer castor oil, which
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(6) A comfortable position of the patient in relation
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' Robert Liston' should be enough — a great surgical genius, unrivalled
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contributing factor in exciting sigmoiditis, and is a source of embarrass-
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certainly with benefit to the visual organs stopping the bleeding. In this case, the
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ing on the length of time the blood has been positive, patients
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is drawn off, and the brain is then exposed to a dry atmosphere.
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chronic, it is generally found to be intractable to remedies. The principal points
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to almost every case of escape of the child in which the va-
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He further says, in Verhandlungen des Congresses fur
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cient to sustain life but a day or a year ; the organization
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(b) Fibroma of Labium. — A large Avarty fibroma of labium, weigh-
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those of the acute form, but may become alarming. The gastric contents
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may be necessary or even precautionary, to be imme-
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started on a low folate diet, (5 ug) supplemented with 50
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not by microbes, but by toxic substances, usually microbic toxins.
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" that a permanent International Committee should be appointed
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ren begin to whisper among themselves that he is an advertiser. The
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ments are such that he restricts his practice to an almost limited number
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against type 3 which, while it is of no value as a curative
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Some, but not all, vegetables and fruits preserve their anti-
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levels, a 20% reduction in LDL-cholesterol levels, and a
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occasioning a slight roughening of the membrane. Abdomen — The liver