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Temple University School of Medicine. Robert M. Bucher, m.d., Dean

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medical schools, not excepting the great English universities, they

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come temporarily albuminous in consequence of an ex-

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Dyspnea, attended by a sense of oppression in the chest

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throat and chest ; obstructed respiration, wheezing or sonorous noise in

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on or in the mucous membrane of the throat. Among the

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blood, but secures it — if we may call a motion material — from phenomena.

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informed us what its appointments would be when fully completed.

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though not necessarily a fatal one, especially when only

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Some writers maintain that croupous inflammation is a more

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tubes, the most common origin of which is bacteriological invasion,

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for some forty years in practice in Exeter ; his work consists of two

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nerves. In a second case of the same disease the patient was

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applied. She returned some weeks later with a brownish

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redress, except a superior education, earnestness of purpose, a devotion

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hardly reached the hundredth part of a grain. Manu-

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tion is rare under seven and hemoptysis under five. Pleurisy and night-

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water ? It is greatly to be regretted that the United States Government, or the

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scribed in this and other journals to make it necessary to repeat

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limb were evidently much bruised as high as tbe middle

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<ind finally there is complete paralysis of the motor centres

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Before the cholera appeared in Sunderland, I attended a case of com-

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or butyric acid. If blood is present in large amount, the vomitus

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for consideration. This Dr. Bryce has recently investigated, and

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applications. There are other cases that do not recover

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Da-Fil, Dau-ool-Fil, Pes Febricitans, Perical, Phlegmasia Mala-

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for an examination alone. I give you the attention of

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is relieved by frequent nursing. But usually about the fourth or fifth

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f. Ophth.. Leipz.. 1890, xxxvi.''4. Abtli.. 217-22:!. 1 pi.—

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measures of treatment are indicated in either case.